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Clean and accurate contact data is the most important factor in any solicitation or communication strategy. Constituents who cannot be contacted cannot support your cause.


For direct mail, this equates to providing certification of USPS matching standards including National Change of Address (NCOA) and Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). A professional direct mail operation should process address information for verification each quarter as required by USPS criteria. Wilson-Bennett Technology Data Cleansing has the ability to offer NCOA matching for your prospects who have provided any Change of Address forms within the past 48 months. Additional benefit is standardization of data for internal as well as external purposes.


An NCOA append has more impact beyond direct mail. A phone append process requires accurate address information to match records, regardless of the type of phone record desired. Thoroughly cleansing basic constituent data should include address, home, and cell phone appends. Cell phone appends are traditionally more costly which may impact the number of records available or matching. Due to the nature of recent graduates and younger constituents moving toward a mobile phone as the primary contact method, targeting cell appends based upon a generational approach may provide vital data on limited budget investment.

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Skyscraper also recognizes the effect of digital marketing and electronic communication. Our phonathon cultivation process leverages email follow-up for pledge and gift acknowledgement, reminders, and additional affinity building communications. Ensuring accurate email addresses can increase connection and conversion rates while improving efficiency and prospect affinity. An append linked with email verification improves the likelihood of getting the right message to your donors and supporters at the right time.

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The most impactful element of our enhancement services is a comprehensive strategy and rating report. Analyzing basic and advanced demographics and public sector data points including areas of financial support, inclination to support charitable interests, and fiscal stability indices produces a proprietary rating system to prioritize and rank prospects by donor type, segment, and anticipated contribution value and participation. Then our team of industry analysts and consultants create a strategy for reaching the best practices through the most effective methodologies with variable messaging and targeted ask amounts.

A thorough report will exhibit population statistics, key subgroups, donor type breakdown, segmentation strategies, scheduled activities, anticipated response ranges based upon historical and interpolated values, best practices, and recommendations for future cleansing and enhancement efforts. If utilizing Wilson-Bennett Campus Connection© Managed Phonathon solutions, a schedule of regular progress reports highlighting actual to anticipated activity will be proposed.

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Regardless of your institution’s communication plan, Skyscraper has a data solution to clean, enhance, or guide your data needs.

Together we can ensure that your prospects have the best opportunity to make the choice to grow in affinity and support a cause worthy of your time and investment.


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